What Does Family Science Research Say About Sexual Violence?

In 2017, Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science (FR), published by NCFR, released a special issue titled “Feminist Framings of Sexual Violence on College Campuses.” 

Articles in this issue address topics such as reporting violence, remembering assaults, the grief of survivors, how to talk about being victimized, sexual scripts of college students, and more.

Two articles from this issue are currently open to the public: 

Anisa Zvonkovic, NCFR President

This issue grew out of discussions of NCFR members in the Feminism and Family Studies Section, and later, a preconference workshop at the 2015 NCFR Annual Conference. NCFR’s president, Anisa M. Zvonkovic, Ph.D., worked on these early efforts and served as a guest editor for the special issue.

“The co-editors and I were sensitized to Title IX and the Dear Colleague letter to institutions of higher education, and felt that Family Scientists had a unique role to play in providing empirical evidence that could be used by our colleagues,” remembers Dr. Zvonkovic, “Though neither I nor my co-editors Elizabeth Sharp and Shannon Weaver claim sexual violence as our primary research areas, through the solidarity of sisterhood, and our deeply felt feminist principles, we pressed on and are pleased to offer readers this rich special issue.”

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