Zippy's Video of the Week: The Best Commencement Speech Never Given

Thinking about all the newly-minted high school and college graduates this month had us wondering whether any of the 2021 commencement speeches could one day be thought of as one of the greatest speeches of all time.

We know one thing for sure. The greatest commencement speech never given is one that has long been attributed to author Kurt Vonnegut, and was actually a column written by Mary Schmich for the Chicago Tribune. Schmich never orated her speech either; the column was merely a speech she could imagine herself delivering to graduates.

Someone posted Schmich's column to the Internet in 1997 (without attribution) and the Vonnegut urban legend was born. In 1999, film director Baz Luhrmann turned it into a song with an accompanying music video, provided here for your enjoyment. If you learn anything from this faux speech it should be this: trust us on the sunscreen.