Zippy's Video of the Week: Bypassing the Traditional Office

The world continues to debate the most optimal office arrangements as we drive through the COVID-19 pandemic together, with no exit in sight. Work remotely? Return to the office? Merge them into some sort of hybrid? Despite our best ideas, most companies have yet to cement their office plans.

Fernando Abellanas decided to literally cement his office space by building a secret studio underneath a highway overpass. The Spanish furniture designer attached a desk, chair, and shelves into the cement framework. The floor and walls double as an hand-cranked elevator that provides the entrance into his freeway loft. 

Abellanas, who is interested in creating functional living spaces with limited resources, built his studio back in 2017 in an undisclosed location in Valencia. Is he an office space visionary or should he stay in his lane? We'll let you decide.