Zippy's Video of the Week: Dr. Rick, World Renowned Parenta-Life Coach

Dear Progressive Insurance,

Are you mocking family professionals? We sincerely hope not.

​​We've seen your commercials featuring the fictional Dr. Rick, a "Parenta-Life Coach" who practices "parentology" by helping new homeowners from becoming their parents.

​​You may think these things you made up are funny, but NCFR members are the real people working to strengthen and empower families. Family Life Educators have knowledge based in the discipline of Family Science, and they are employed in a variety of roles. The Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credential is a nationally recognized standard and validates a professional's experience and knowledge. ​​Clearly, you don't know anything about Family Life Education.

Okay, your commercials are pretty funny. But we're watching you, Progressive! Consider this a warning.