Zippy's Video of the Week: NCFR Remembers Walter Mondale


Former Vice President and U.S. Senator (D-MN) Walter F. Mondale died on April 19, 2021, at age 93. During his time serving in these national offices, Mondale interacted regularly with NCFR.

NCFR President Leland J. Axelson (1973-74) advanced the family policy roles of NCFR working closely with then-Senator Walter F. Mondale on the Child and Family Services Act. During his time as NCFR President, Dr. Axelson was joined by NCFR members Ruth Jewson and Richard Kerckhoff to meet with Sen. Mondale and explore ways the NCFR could be helpful in relation to the hearings on “American Families: Trends and Pressures.” The NCFR Board of Directors sent a letter to Sen. Mondale, expressing support for the “Child and Family Services Act.” The next year Sen. Mondale invited NCFR to submit a statement on the Child and Family Services Bill, to be printed in the hearing record. The statement was prepared by Richard and Florence Kerckhoff (NCFR President), and NCFR members were urged to support the bill on Family and Household Research.

During their years in the White House, both President Carter and Vice President Mondale sent greetings to NCFR during its annual conference. NCFR is saddened by the passing of Walter Mondale and is grateful for all of his many efforts to support and strengthen families.