Zippy's Video of the Week: Talking About Cooking the Way We Talk About Sex

What if we taught people about cooking the way we teach people about sex? That’s the premise of a new tongue-in-cheek video, meant to convey a serious message about the need for better, more positive sexuality education.

The video was written and produced by NCFR member Sandra L. Caron, Ph.D., CFLE, professor of family relations and human sexuality at the University of Maine. It stars members of the UMaine student group Athletes for Sexual Responsibility, which Caron advises. 

“It’s good that we don’t really talk about cooking this way, but oftentimes it is how we talk about sex when trying to educate young people,” says Caron. “Too often people think keeping information from youth and using scare tactics will make them act responsibly. But research shows that doesn’t work.”

Caron developed Athletes for Sexual Responsibility in 1990. The unique, semester-long peer education program trains student athletes to present a variety of workshops. The group has produced other videos in the past, as well as posters and educational materials on topics such as rape awareness, smart sex, and drinking and dating.