Family Life Education: The Practice of Family Science

Book Editors: Michael J. Walcheski, Ph.D., CFLE, and Jennifer S. Reinke, Ph.D., CFLE


Useful and informative for seasoned and emerging professionals, as well as students, Family Life Education: The Practice of Family Science provides a comprehensive examination of the profession from the perspectives of many leading family scholars and educators.

It includes three sections: Current Themes in Family Life Education; Integrating Family Life Education Content Areas into Practice (organized around the 10 family life content areas); and Family Life Education Teaching and Practice Resources. Chapters include discussion questions supported by accompanying online key resources.

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Section I: Current Themes in Family Life Education

Chapter 1: The Science of Family Life Education: History, Status, and Practice

by Jason D. Hans

Chapter 2: The Art of Family Life Education: Getting Our Hearts Right

by Wally Goddard and James P. Marshall

Chapter 3: Family Life Education: Wisdom in Practice

by Stephen A. Small and Dayana Kupisk

Chapter 4: Family Life Education and the Practice of Cross-Cultural Competence

by William D. Allen and Karen R. Blaisure

Chapter 5: The Levels of Family Involvement Model: 20 Years Later

by William J. Doherty and Angela L. Lamson

Chapter 6: Reconceptualizing the Domain and Boundaries of Family Life Education

by Judith A. Myers-Walls, Sharon M. Ballard, Carol Anderson Darling, and Karen S. Myers-Bowman

Chapter 7: Family Coaching: An Emerging Family Science Field

by Kimberly Allen and Nichole Huff

Chapter 8: Community Engaged Parent Education: Strengthening Civic Engagement Among Parents and Parent Educators

by William J. Doherty, Jenet Jacob Erickson, and Beth Cutting

Chapter 9: Examining the Early Evidence for Self-Directed Marriage and Relationship Education: A Meta-analytic Study

by Shelece McAllister, Stephen F. Duncan, Alan J. Hawkins

Chapter 10: Opportunities and Challenges in Coparenting Education

by Alan J. Hawkins and Paul Florsheim

Chapter 11: Misperceptions of Work-Life Balance: The Five Secret Strategies for Family Life Educators

by Beth A. Quist

Chapter 12: Family Life and Technology: Implications for the Practice of Family Life Education

by Susan K. Walker

Chapter 13: Strategies for Designing Online Family Life Education Programs

by Robert Hughes, Jr., Aaron T. Ebata, Jill Bowers, Elissa Thomann Mitchell, and Sarah Louise Curtiss

Section II: Integrating Family Life Education Content Areas into Practice

Chapter 14: Family Life Education Content Areas: Content and Practice Guidelines (2014)

by National Council on Family Relations

Chapter 15: Families and Individuals in Societal Contexts

by Shelley M. MacDermid Wadsworth, Kevin M. Roy, and Natasha Watkins

Chapter 16: Internal Dynamics of Families

by Jennifer S. Reinke and Michael J. Walcheski

Chapter 17: Human Growth and Development across the Lifespan

by Julie Leventhal

Chapter 18: Human Sexuality across the Lifespan

by Carol Anderson Darling and Stacy Howard

Chapter 19: Interpersonal Relationships

by Richard Glotzer

Chapter 20: Family Resource Management

by Tami James Moore and Sylvia M. Asay

Chapter 21: Parent Education and Guidance

by Arminta L. Jacobson

Chapter 22: Family Law and Public Policy

by Karen Bogenschneider

Chapter 23: Professional Ethics and Practice

by Glen F. Palm

Chapter 24: Family Life Education Methodology

by Martin Covey

Section III: Family Life Education Teaching and Practice Resources

Chapter 25: Principles for Improving Family Programs: An Evidence-Informed Approach

by Stephen A. Small and Mary Huser

Chapter 26: Marketing Family Life Education Programs: Building Relationships Instead of Selling

by Jody Johnston Pawel

Chapter 27: Preparing For Your Profession

by Sterling Wall and Sandra McClintic

Chapter 28: Developing a World-Class Portfolio for the Family Life Educator

by Melinda Stafford Markham, Yolanda T. Mitchell, and Jaimee L. Hartenstein

Chapter 29: Social Media and the Family Life Educator

by Jason DeBoer-Moran

Chapter 30: Family Life Educators in the Legislative Process

by Marlene S. Lobberecht

Chapter 31: The Development and Teaching of the Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Family Scientists

by Rebecca A. Adams, Kathleen R. Gilbert, David C. Dollahite, and Robert E. Keim

Chapter 32: Ethical Thinking and Practice for Parent and Family Life Educators

by The Minnesota Council on Family Relations

Chapter 33: Family Life Education: Advancing the Profession

by Dawn Cassidy

Chapter 34: A First-Hand Account of Implementing a Family Life Education Model: Intentionality in Head Start Home Visiting

by Justin Petkus