How can I help raise the visibility of CFLE certification to the general public?

My perspective on this right now is that getting and maintaining my CFLE (and the other credentials I have) isn't about getting a job or keeping a job or making more money at this point in our field's journey. It is about raising the awareness of and professionalism of the field. ... This isn't going to happen by itself, though. We all have a responsibility to raise awareness, promote and educate employers, students, legislators, other human service professionals, etc. about our field. I have a whole box of CFLE brochures in my office and I use them with everyone I can think of to explain this field! It has been a great tool!

- Jennifer Best, MS Ed., CFLE, CFCS-HDFS

In this day of social media and ease of interacting with media at the local and national levels, I would suggest we use these mediums to our advantage. Who has ever written a comment on the Facebook page of a news outlet? Or sent a message to a local or national talk show? We have to let these outlets know about CFLEs, FLE, and the value of each.

- Janis Henderson, M.S., CFLE

In one very small but simple step, let me encourage those of us who have the certification to change our email signatures and in our correspondence to not only put the letters after our names, but also spell out the entire title. Don't make people have to ask what those letters mean, just in case they don't.

- John Conger, Ph.D., CFLE

Our group is urging all CFLEs to use that title on their income tax return their job...just another way to increase the knowledge that we are out there.

- Jean Foster Paulsel, Ph.D., CFLE