How is my CFLE certification valuable in the job market if employers don't know what a CFLE is?

I look for keywords. And when I respond, I use the language of "The importance of the CFLE Credential" from the NCFR website (the brochure). It both explains what the credential is and what my skill set encompasses. ... Now, I don't mind so much when people say, "I have never heard of that!" because I consider it my responsibility to educate them.

- Mara J. Briere, MA, CFLE

So many grants and other employers ask for social workers because that has been what other places do, but they may not understand why. Look at job descriptions and find the words that sound like family life education. Then go to the employer with the 10 content areas and/or the Domains of Family Practice model in hand to describe how a CFLE is more likely to be able to complete the FLE-related tasks than social workers, therapists, or nurses. Let me or my co-authors know if you have questions or concerns about using DFP. We hope it will become a tool that will help you educate others about your profession, help clarify job descriptions, and, ultimately, help you get the right jobs and help you do them better!

- Judith A. Myers-Walls, Ph.D., CFLE
I've found that I have the opportunity to explain my degree in my cover letter & because I'm confident in my degree, I am able to provide the reasons why the degree links to the job. ... So I'd suggest that you come up with your personal two line explanation of how a CFLE can fit into a role that we were forgotten to be included in.

- Sara Brooks, MA, CFLE

I have been certified as CFLE since 1989 and it has always been one of my most prized certifications. It has been a nice complement to my licenses in MFT and Addiction. ... To those of you struggling to find work in our area, be creative and assertive. Create your own 'white paper' describing all of the areas a CFLE is competent in and how we can market ourselves with facts. The CFLE credential is in need of mass promotion and we CFLEs can be the best advocates!

- Wendy H. Davenson, LMFT, LADC, CFLE