Military Families Resources: Abstract

This resource collection provides research published by NCFR through its journals, articles published in the Family Focus section of NCFR Reportand a recorded conference session. 

These resources published in the past five years cover many topics on military families. One common theme is the resilience military families hold and the importance of continuing research on this topic. In this collection, you will find research on boundary ambiguity, child-mother relationships, risk and protective factors on adolescent adjustment, adverse childhood experiences, family functioning, PTSD, resiliency, reintegration, and more.

A audio-recorded session from the 2017 NCFR conference discusses military service and its impacts on family functioning. Family Focus articles from NCFR Report provide translational research and implications for practitioners about communication, intimate partner violence, and reintegration, advice to therapists, and suggestions for teaching about military families.

Overall, the resource collection covers a large breadth and depth of content on military families and is an excellent tool for students, teachers, and researchers.

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