Parental Incarceration Resources: Abstract

This resource collection provides research published by NCFR through its journals, a policy brief, a Family Focus issue, and recorded conference sessions. Findings published in NCFR’s journals demonstrate that parental incarceration can negatively affect a family’s relationship quality and housing security. Findings also suggest parental incarceration can impact children’s internalization and externalizing behaviors, their transition into adulthood, and their own risks of incarceration. Research suggests supportive adults help promote resilience in children of incarcerated parents.

Two recorded NCFR conference sessions are provided that speak on children’s rights, the family experience, and policy and programming for incarcerated parents. A full issue of Family Focus from NCFR Report provides translational research regarding parental incarceration including more about the family perspective, working with children, addressing the needs of children and incarcerated parents, and much more. NCFR’s policy brief, How Parental Incarceration Harms Children and What to Do About It, provides recommendations for policymakers such prioritizing family connections while incarcerated.

Overall, the resource collection offers a large breadth of information on incarceration and its effect on the family and is an excellent tool for students, teachers, and researchers.

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