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2016 NCFR Annual Conference

The National Council on Family Relations' 2016 Annual Conference in Minneapolis used the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to showcase research, teaching, and practices that address human rights and diverse families.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

2015 NCFR Annual Conference

The National Council on Family Relations' 2015 Annual Conference in Vancouver considers risks, resilience, and recovery around the world in light of conflict, violence, and war.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2014 NCFR Annual Conference

NCFR's 2014 conference in Baltimore celebrated the 20th anniversary of the U.N.'s International Year of the Family.

Baltimore, Maryland

2010 NCFR Annual Conference

Innovation is the creation of new objects or ideas - it is the process by which people introduce, re-think, adapt, surprise, generate, transform, and otherwise move some part of the world in a new direction.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

2009 NCFR Annual Conference

The international character of San Francisco, the site for the 2009 NCFR Conference, will afford an exciting context for examining how diversity issues affect family scholarship, practice, policy, and education and how each of us might contribute to better understanding of the heterogeneity, as w

Burlingame, California

2008 NCFR Annual Conference

The lenses through which we view family affect what is seen and unseen, as well as how our research findings are understood.

Little Rock, Arkansas

2007 NCFR Annual Conference

The 2007 conference focuses on the challenges families face as they balance the relational, social, spiritual, health-related, financial, occupational and other dimensions of their daily lives.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2018 NCFR Annual Conference

Contemporary families live in a world that is complex, increasingly interconnected, and culturally diverse. NCFR 2018 will focus on innovative approaches, theories, research, policies, and programs that support and strengthen families in all types of Western and non-Western settings.

San Diego, California — Town and Country Resort & Convention Center

2017 NCFR Annual Conference

The 2017 National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference in Orlando will challenge scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to ask how family relations and functions advance the lives of children and adults, as well as build stronger schools, communities, workplaces, and nations.

Orlando, Florida — Rosen Centre Hotel