SNP Leadership Council

The SNP Leadership Council strengthens the identity of SNPs within NCFR, coordinates SNP communications, organizes SNP initiatives more effectively, and enhances involvement by SNP representatives in the sections and student affiliates.

Within this SNP Leadership Council is the SNP Steering Committee, which includes the SNP Board Representative, the SNP Board Representative-Elect, the SNP Conference Program Representative, the SNP Affiliate Councils Board Representative, the Student Affiliate Advisor Representative, and the SNP Inclusion and Diversity Committee Representative.

The Students and New Professionals section representatives (12) and the student affiliate presidents (25+) complete the SNP Leadership Council.

Steering Committee

  • Kimberly (Kimi) Crossman (2018) — SNP Board Representative
  • Katie M. Barrow (2018) — SNP Program Co-Representative
  • Jessica N. Fish (2018) — SNP Program Co-Representative
  • Lyndal Khaw (2017) — Student Affiliate Adviser Representative
  • Vanja Lazarevic (2017) — SNP Inclusion and Diversity Committee Representative