CFLE Network, a quarterly newsletter published by the National Council on Family Relations for Certified Family Life Educators, is a resource filled with information about Family Life Education. Network provides an opportunity for CFLEs to share their knowledge and expertise with other active CFLEs through the submission of research- or practice-based articles.

Contribute to the CFLE Network Summer 2018 Issue: Families and Housing

Where families live plays a key role in their well-being. Family Life Education professionals can be involved with housing for families in myriad ways.

For the summer 2018 issue of the CFLE Network newsletter — themed Families and Housing — we’re looking for authors who can share information, stories, research, and resources relevant to the issue of housing.

Do you work with families facing homelessness? Are you involved in a program that assists families in first-time home-buying or in financial planning and budgeting? Perhaps you are involved in identifying ways in which housing, housing design, and housing accessibility affects a particular population, including seniors, or those with disabilities. Share your knowledge and wisdom by writing a CFLE Network article. 

Possibilities include articles about:

  • your professional experience working with families on issues relevant to housing
  • a successful curriculum or program you have implemented
  • research about housing that would be of interest to practicing Family Life Educators
  • recommended resources, including organizations, websites, books, curricula, etc.
  • anything else you think would be of interest to Family Life Educators

Submission deadline is June 15, 2018.

Email Dawn Cassidy for more information or to submit.

Download and review the author guidelines (PDF) before submitting.

Also note that we have a theme planned for the fall 2018 issue: Understanding Gun Violence from a Family Perspective. If you have ideas or would like more information about this issue, please feel free to contact Dawn Cassidy as well.