NCFR 2017 Conference Recordings

These recordings are free to all through Aug. 31, 2020, to provide wider access to important resources during this unprecedented time.

"It's Either Too Simple or Way Too Complex": Applying Bronfenbrenner's Theory in Family Research

Connecting Research, Practice, and Policy

The Journey From Normal: Parenting a Child With Down Syndrome (plenary)

Translational Family Science: A Toolbox to Address Health Disparities

The Longevity Dividend: What It Means For Families

Introduction to Meta-Analysis and Systematic Reviews

Controversial Contributions: Calculating the Economic Benefits of Families

Family Socioeconomic Context, Marriage and Health From Middle to Later Years: Findings Over 25 Years

Going Public: How Family Researchers Can Engage With the Public and Policymakers (plenary)

Creating a Diverse Academic Environment

Sacred Conversations and Connections: Resources and Risks for Diverse Families and Religious Communities

When Ethnography Comes Home to Roost: Andre, the Life Course, and My Family's Intervention (plenary)

Toxic Stress in Contemporary Families: Getting From Adversity to Capacity

Developing and Testing Strengths-Based Interventions for Parents of Children With Disabilities

NCFR President's Address: "And So, What is NCFR Again...?"

Strengthening the Connection Between Research About Families and Public Policy

How Policies Shape Lives: The Impact of Immigration Policy on Children and Families (closing plenary)

Teaching Family Science as a Catalyst in Neighborhoods, Communities and Global Contexts