Looking Within, Beyond, and Under Race and Ethnicity in Families

Concurrent Sessions 6
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Chair: Aya K. Ghunney, Maureen Perry-Jenkins, Presider: Robert Reyes

Thursday, November 4, 2010
Board Room 1
Session Type: Symposium

About the Session

Beyond Race and Ethnicity: Sociocultural Predictors of Maternal Depressive Symptoms Across the Transition to Parenthood, Presented by: Aya K. Ghunney; Maureen Perry-Jenkins

Role Expectations Within the Home and Marital Stability in African American Newlywed Couples, Presented by: Christine E. Stanik, Chalandra M. Bryant, Emily A. Doyle, Barlynda M. Bryant

Marital Quality Among Newlyweds With Children, Presented by: Emily A. Doyle; Barlynda M. Bryant; Christine E. Stanik; Chalandra M. Bryant

The Effect of Adolescents’ Ethnic Identity and Perceived Discrimination on Parental Distress for International Adoptive Families, Presented by: Oh Myo Kim; Reed Reichwald; Alison Hu; Richard Lee