Maintain Your Certification

There are a few requirements to maintaining the CFLE designation.

  • All CFLEs, both provisional and full, must pay the CFLE annual fee.
  • Full CFLEs must submit evidence of continuing education credits every five years.
  • Provisional certification is available for up to five years. As soon as a provisional CFLE has earned sufficient work experience in family life education they can upgrade to full certification.

Information on all three processes can be found below.

Annual Maintenance Fee

To maintain an active CFLE certification, all CFLEs (excluding Emeritus) must pay the CFLE annual fee.

5-Year Recertification

CFLEs with Full Certification must submit evidence of 100 hours of continuing education activity every five years.

Upgrading from Provisional to Full Certification

CFLEs with Provisional certification must document and submit family life education work experience activity within five years of their original certification in order to upgrade to Full certification.

Emeritus Status

Emeritus status is an honorary status awarded annually to a small number of retired CFLEs who have made significant contributions to the field of family life education.