Ongoing CFLE Approved Meetings

Certified Family Life Educator

Ongoing CFLE Approved Meetings

National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference (Approved for up to 24 Contact Hours/2.4 CEUs)

Parenting Counts - Online Professional Training (Approved for 18 Contact Hours / 1.8 CEUs)
Sponsored by Talaris Institute, the Parenting Counts Professional Training prepares early learning professionals with the information and tools to teach parents the skills needed to successfully raise socially and emotionally healthy children. This training is composed of 25 modules that focus on four pillars of development. The Parenting Counts Professional training features the following:

  • Comprehensive - As shown above, this program focuses on the whole child within the family context.
  • Interactive - The training includes over 40 scenarios, 60 videos, and 75 learning activities illustrating concepts and key messages for all learner types.
  • Research Based - Research citations provide credibility and allow further exploration into specific topics of interest.
  • Easy to use - Teaching tools help you create lesson plans and activities and capture new ideas from the training.
  • Practical - Resources are designed to make teaching easier in a variety of parenting audiences, saving time and preparation.
  • Accessible - The training provides you the ability to learn online at your own pace.

For more information, visit their website at Contact Parenting Counts at , or 800-637-3652.

Funeral Customs and Rituals: Differing Ways to Say Goodbye (Approved for 2 Contact Hours /.2 CEUs) Sponsored by the Hospice Foundation of America, the course will be presented at multiple sites (mostly funeral homes) throughout the United States. Learning Objectives: 1) Identify funeral customs and rituals specific to Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu faiths as well as Asian culture. 2) Understand how these customs and rituals impact patients and their loved ones. 3) Communicate more confidently with patients of different faiths and cultures about end-of-life issues. 4) Provide more appropriate and informed advice to patients of these faith and cultural backgrounds. 5) Develop stronger patient relations based on greater knowledge and understanding. Check out the Hourspice Foundation of America at For more information call 800-854-3402

Practical Parent EducationTraining (Approved for 11 Contact Hours / 1.1 CEUs) Practical Parent Education's Initial Parent Educator Training objectives: 1)To become familiar with PPE curricula and services and how they can be customized for parenting programs from birth to career. 2) To identify solutions for school/community needs using PPE curricular and services. 3) To strategize ways to get parents actively engaged in their children's lives with mentally healthy parenting practices. 4) To learn effective group facilitation skills. 5) To plan an immediate implementation of PPE in the subscriber's program. Contact: Connie Jaco, Director of Subscriber Services at -

Imago Relationship Therapy - Clinical Training/Couples Therapy (Approved for 91 Contact Hours / 9.1 CEUs) The clinical training program (Pasadena Institute for Relationships-Altadena, CA) offers psychotherapists the opportunity to learn the theory, techniques, and application of Imago Relationship Therapy in order to work more effectively with couples in their practice. The clinical training program leading to certification in Imago Relationship Therapy consists of 96 hours of training. The hours are usually divided into three weeks of 32 hours each. Contact Bruce Crapuchettes, Ph.D. at - 626-798-5242.

Institute for Advanced Dispute Resolution - Divorce and Custody Mediation Certificate - Online Course (Approved for 38 Contact Hours / 3.8 CEUs) Divorce and child custody mediation is perhaps the fastest growing field within the mediation profession. This eight week course begins with an overview of the field of family dispute resolution followed by an exploration of family systems theory and development. Issues of children are covered, including how divorce affects kids, how to negotiate parenting plans, and how to actually work with children and teens in mediation. The course presents legal and financial issues of divorce including how to work with attorneys and how to help couples with asset division. Special issues such as domestic violence, mental health concerns, and child abuse are also covered. Mediation skills specific to divorce mediation and an overview of non-divorce cases such as lesbian and gay relationship dissolutions, pre-nuptials, teen parent issues, and grandparents in medication, conclude this course. Check out our website at Contact Dana Sednek, Director of Admissions at 303-443-7930.

Study Credit (Approved for up to 40 Contact Hours / 4.0 CEUs) CFLEs can now earn continuing education credit through a web-based program called Study Credit. Study Credit provides continuing education for Christian Counselors. CFLEs and other professionals can choose from a list of approved books and complete a corresponding quiz. Information including a list of approved books is available through the Study Credit website, CFLEs can earn up to 40 of the 100 continuing education credits needed to renew their designation through Study Credit. For more information contact 

Training Family Educators - My Way to OUR WAY (Approved for 6 Contact Hours / .6 CEUs) Training is designated for those involved in family conflict prevention and resolution (CPR) and who want to help family members take ownership in resolving their own problems. As a result of taking this workshop, Mediators, Counselors, Therapists, and Coaches become Approved Providers of "My Way to OUR WAY." In order to become an Approved Provider of the client-based Activity Book, this workshop training is required. Activity Book available on

Harmonize IT (Approved for 2 Contact Hours / .2 CEUs) Ongoing Webinar - A three-step formula helping your clients declare and meet individual and relationship goals, and experience the result of having accomplished them TODAY. Contact Jessie Upp, M.S. at

Hospice Foundation of America "Demystifying the Funeral Experience: The Role of the Funeral in the Grief Process" (Approved for 2 Contact Hours / .2 CEUs) This is an ongoing, 2-hour, facilitator-led course that familiarizes hospice professionals and volunteers with funeral customs, options, procedures, and regulations. The course will be led by licensed Funeral Directors who have successfully completed facilitator certification training. Each course will be held at selected funeral homes and will include a facility tour to give participants first-hand knowledge of the funeral process. Contact: Chester Velasco/Teleconference Assistant - 

The Character and Self Esteem Institute "Certified Youth Life Coach Training Program" (Approved for 20 Contact Hours / 2.0 CEUs) This is an ongoing, 20-hour, weekend seminar to provide the participants with the coaching skills to reach out to the youth and families of youth. Assist participants in gaining skills to help youth improve assertiveness, goal setting, and self-esteem so that they can have a brighter future and avoid negative behavior. Contact: Shauntell Peak-Jimenez-CEO/Founder/Trainer -

Family Manager Coach Training (Approved for 16 Contact Hours / 1.6 CEUs) Objective: To provide trainees with the information and skills necessary to become a proficient Family Manager Coach. Target Audience/Clientele: women, ages 35-60. Course Description: The Family Manager Coach Training course provides training and certification for individuals who desire to become a Family Manager Coach or add Family Manager Coach Certification to their credentials. Contact: Kathy Peel at

The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) offers several webinars. Go to for more information about these offerings.

  • Field Research: How to Ensure a Successful Result (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Beyond PowerPoint - New Web 2.0 Technology for the FCS Classroom (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Broken Promises: 10 Strategies to Achieve Financial Security When Benefits are Reduced (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Why Group Work Does Not Work (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Service-Learning: How to Engage Students and Maximize Learning (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Business Finesse: Strategies for Career Preparation and Entrepreneurial Success (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Ounce of Prevention: Complete Curriculum on Preconception Issues for Teens and Young Adults (2-part program) (Approved for 3 Contact Hours / .3 CEUs)
  • Teaching Skills for Today's Inclusive Classroom: How to Handle Developmental Disabilities (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Critical Personal and Professional Advocacy Skills (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)

The Indiana Youth Institute offers two ongoing programs. Contact: Julie Whitman - for more information on each offering.

  • Engaging Older Youth (Approved for 5 Contact Hours / .5 CEUs) Objectives of Activity/Program: 1) Understand youth development principles for secondary education students; 2) Learn strategies to engage and retain older youth through homework help, independent studies, and projects. 3) Learn strategies to promote positive staff-teen relationships. 
  • Supporting English Language Learners (Approved for 5 Contact Hours / .5 CEUs) Objectives: 1) Understand the stages of language acquisition, the relationship between oral language and literacy, and how programs can support language learning for youth and their families; 2) Learn how to create a supportive learning environment and use language-stretching games and learner-centered activities to engage youth and their families; 3) develop techniques that help build partnerships with school leaders, teachers, district and organization leaders, and communities to make their programs a powerful resource for ELL youth and families. 

Parents Toolshop offers a number of trainings and programs. for more information on each offering.

  • Parents Toolshop CEU Home Study Program (Approved for 31 Contact Hours / 3.1 CEUs)
  • The TIPS (Tools for Improving Parenting Skills) TELE-CLASS (Approved for 16 Contact Hours / 1.6 CEUs)
  • Secrets for Empowering Any Parent (Approved for 12 Contact Hours / 1.2 CEUS) Training by 6 (1 day) or 12 (2 day) offerings.
  • Parents Toolshop Group Facilitator Pre-Certification Training (Approved for 42 Contact Hours / 4.2 CEUs)
  • Parents Toolshop Group Facilitator Certification Training (Approved for 20 Contact Hours / 2 CEUs) Training offered in-person or via video.
  • Secret Recipe for Parenting Success (Approved for 12 Contact Hours / 1.2 CEUs)
  • "Blended or Tossed? Which is Your Parenting Style" (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • "The 'No-Longer Secret' Recipe for Preventing and Resolving Problems" (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • "Nutritious Appetizers That Boost Self-Esteem and Avoid Obese Egos" (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • "Get Cooperation Without Squeezing the Juice Out of Kids!" (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • "Serve Up Some Wings So Children Can Leave the Nest" (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • "Children's Menu: How to Really Listen to Your Child" (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • "Tame the Fire of Anger & Stress - Before You Get Burned" (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • "The Kitchen Stinks! Cut Off 'PU' Misbehavior Before You Get 'PO'd'" (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • "Take the Bite Out of Discipline!" (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • "A Brainstorming Buffet" (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • "Inner Secrets of a Stress-Free Life" (Approved for 31 Contact Hours / 3.1 CEUs)

Mental Health Association in Maui County - Brown Bag Lunch Series (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU) Are you looking for a lively lunch? The Mental Health Association of Maui Presents a "Brown Bag Lunch" series of educational programs. All events are free and open to the public. Tuesdays at Noon at the J. Walker Cameron Center. Contact: Colleen Wallace 808-242-6461. Visit our listing of date-specific meetings to find upcoming programs.

Roper Online Learning (Module 1 approved for 10 Contact Hours / 1 CEUs; Module 2 approved for 2 Contact hours/.2 CEUs; Module 3 approved for 4 Contact Hours / .4 CEUs; Module 4 approved for 2 Contact Hours / .2 CEUs) ROPER Online Learning offers continuing education and development to parent educators and family professionals. Both basic curricula and research updates are accessible on the Internet at the website of the Center for Parent Education at the University of North Texas at Online Learning is a project of Texas ROPER, the Texas Registry of Parent Educator Resources, developed through a partnership between the Children's Trust Fund of Texas, the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services and the UNT Center for Parent Education.

ROPER Online Learning modules present continuing education options ranging from two to ten contact hours. Parent educators may access modules on their own schedule, with the option of stopping work at any time and "bookmarking" their place. Parent educators can test their knowledge in a section called "Self-Assessment" and submit the score to ROPER for a Certificate of Completion of the online module.

ROPER Online Learning Modules 1 (10 hours) and 2 (2 hours): Developmental Stages of Parenting and Family Life address typical transitions for parents and families as well as strategies for parent educators who work with them. The curriculum reflects many components of the Core Knowledge and Skills, which identifies ten major areas of knowledge family professionals need. Designed around seven "Building Blocks," Module 1 includes topics such as infant temperament, parenting styles, life in "blended" or step families, launching young adults, grandparenting, and families in later life. New research on infant brain development is highlighted, along with other research updates. The Module also discusses modern trends in American family life including grandparent-headed households, boomerang households (adult children returning to parents' homes), and effects of increased longevity on families in later life. The Module includes video clips and interactive forums for participation by users. Designed around seven "Building Blocks," Module 2 references research topics such as life in "blended" or step families, launching young adults, grand parenting, and families in later life. New research on infant brain development is highlighted as well as modern trends in American family. Module #2 serves as a review and update for advanced users.

Modules 3 (4 hours) and 4 (2 hours), Program Evaluation and Introduction to Statistics, address types of evaluation for parent educators who work with families. Designed around four "Building Blocks," Module 3 includes topics such as focus groups, computer evaluation, who should conduct an evaluation, using statistics, surveys, and needs assessment., along with other research updates. In Online Learning Module 4, Program Evaluation, users must post messages to four (4) online Forums in response to questions in application scenarios.

Contact: Dr. Arminta L. Jacobson, CFLE, Director, Center for Parent Education at or 1-888-662-7457.