Marriage and Family Therapy (M.S.)

Social Work & Marriage and Family Therapy

The Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy is a 54-credit program leading to a New York State license as a Marriage and Family Therapist upon completion of additional post-degree supervised clinical experience and the passing of the American Marriage and Family Therapy Regulatory Board’s national licensing exam. The Iona MFT degree is designated by the New York State Education Department as Licensure Qualifying, meaning its curriculum and supervised clinical experience hours accrued in the program have been approved by the Education Department. Additionally, the program is accredited by The Commission On Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE); the national accrediting body for marriage and family therapy education. The Iona program is one of only three such programs in New York State and one of 100 programs in the United States. As a COAMFTE accredited program the curriculum and supervised clinical experience hours accrued during the program are accepted by all 50 states in the U.S. However, each state has its own post-degree supervised clinical experience requirements. Students from other states and/or those who plan on licensing in another state are advised to check on that state’s clinical experience requirements.

The Iona Masters in MFT is a demanding one, requiring the completion of 54 graduate credits that include a very rigorous supervised clinical experience component. Students must complete a minimum of 500 hours of supervised face-to-face clinical experience hours with individuals, couples, and families. This requirement necessitates a very significant commitment of time, energy, and self. On completion of the degree, however, graduates will be prepared to join the mental health field as an entry-level practitioner.

Degree Level
Program Delivery
Area(s) of Study
Therapy/Counseling (individual, couples, marriage, or family)
Middle States Commission on Higher Educaton (MSCHE)
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