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CFLE Network Call for Articles

Summer 2019 Issue: Family Life Education and Schools

The theme of the summer 2019 issue of the CFLE Network newsletter will be Family Life Education and Schools.

A positive home environment is crucial for a child’s successful school experience. Family involvement is a key factor in children’s ability to succeed. Additionally, the importance of parent engagement and a positive relationship between parents, teachers, and school administrators cannot be underestimated. Educators can play an important role in working with parents to ensure that students’ needs are met at home and, in turn, that educators are providing the best learning environment at school. Family Life Education (FLE) also can play a role in helping students, parents, faculty, and volunteers succeed.

Please consider contributing an article for the summer Network about:

  • your professional experience(s) working in school systems and school settings across the lifespan;
  • specific programs or approaches taken to increase school success;
  • experiences with the Families & Schools Together (FAST) or similar parent engagement programs; and/or
  • examples of FLE efforts to increase student success in college settings.

The submission deadline is June 15, 2019. Email Dawn Cassidy with questions or to submit. Please review the author guidelines (PDF) before submitting.

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