Review a Book for CFLE Network

Have you read a recent book that you think would be of interest to other Certified Family Life Educators (CFLE)? Consider submitting a review of the book to the CFLE Network.

If have you written a new book that other CFLEs would be interested in contact [email protected]. We'll post notice of it in the In the News column! This opportunity is available only to CFLEs.

Please see our full guidelines for CFLE Network book reviews (PDF) for complete details.

  • Highlight the relevance of a particular publication to the practice of Family Life Education, when appropriate.
  • If relevant, identify themes that are applicable in teaching, learning and/or practice within the larger framework of Family Life Education.
  • Highlight what makes this publication unique.
  • What is of value in terms of content?
  • Try not to summarize the contents of an entire book, or to reword the table of contents.
  • The review may be edited to suit final publication formats and may be published electronically on the NCFR website and/or published in printed format.
  • Please submit review to [email protected].

Word count, font, and layout:

  • Approximately 1000 words.
  • Times New Roman font size 11.
  • Include one space between paragraphs.
  • Do not indent the first line of each paragraph.
  • One space after periods.
  • Please be sure to provide the following information regarding the book at the beginning of the review (masthead): Title, full name of author, year of publication, publisher, ISBN, page count. If possible, provide a high-resolution jpeg or PNG file of the book’s cover.

Author Bio:

  • Provide a brief 1-3 sentence bio with name, credentials, title, and employer. Provide contact information such as email - if willing.
  • Please return a signed copy of the copyright / release form and email back to [email protected]. Reviews can only be published if the completed and signed form is on record.

If you're interested in writing an article for CFLE Network other than a book review, please see information on current calls for articles and main CFLE Network author guidelines (PDF).