Human Development and Family Sciences (Ph.D.)

Department of Human Development & Family Sciences

If you seek a faculty position in Human Development and Family Sciences, Texas Tech University's Ph.D. program provides exceptional training for academic careers. Our Human Development and Family Sciences Ph.D. program features world-class facilities and nationally renowned researchers. Graduates of Texas Tech's Ph.D. program in Human Development and Family Sciences have earned tenure-track faculty appointments at major universities across the country.

Texas Tech's Ph.D. program in Human Development and Family Sciences excels at shaping faculty careers because:

  • We have a national reputation. Texas Tech's Human Development and Family Sciences doctoral program is nationally recognized for excellence. A degree from our program makes a strong impression in faculty search committees.

  • We do cutting-edge research. You will have access to Texas Tech's unique, powerful combination of research facilities: the Child Development Research Center, Early Head Start program, and Neuroimaging Institute. Our faculty are leading groundbreaking research in many areas of human development and family studies, including addiction, risk-taking behavior, blended families, gender issues, family violence, and obesity.

  • We excel in both qualitative and quantitative methods. Few Human Development and Family Sciences Ph.D. programs can match Texas Tech's dual focus. No matter what type of research you want to focus on, we have the facilities and faculty to support you.

  • We will train you to teach. You will get at least two semesters of teaching experience, with close supervision and mentoring from our most seasoned faculty. This experience will help you develop practical skills necessary to lead college-level classrooms effectively. Strong teaching ability will round out your candidacy for faculty appointments, and it helps to explain our graduates' excellent track record in landing tenure-track jobs.


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