The Biobehavioral Family Model: Expansion and Application of a Biopsychosocial Model of Family Health

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Jacob B. Priest, Patricia Roberson, Tara Signs, Melanie Miller, Kristina Gordon, Sarah Woods; Discussant: Beatrice Wood; Chair: Patricia Roberson

3:15 PM
4:30 PM
Salon 13
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  • 239-01 - Expansion of Family Emotional Climate by Including Romantic Relationship, Social Support, and Sibling Relationship
    By Jacob B. Priest
  • 239-02 - Expansion of Biobehavioral Reactivity With Health Behaviors and Allostatic Load
    By Patricia Roberson
  • 239-03 - Expansion of Disease Activity With Chronic Pain and Healthcare Utilization
    By Tara Signs, Melanie Miller, Kristina Gordon
  • 239-04 - Application of the BBFM in Diverse Populations
    By Sarah Woods;

Discussant: Beatrice Wood

Chair: Patricia Roberson


This symposium focuses on the BioBehavioral Family Model developed by Dr. Wood to explain the link between close relationship and physical health. Specifically, we will present empirical research testing the expansion of all the BBFM constructs: family emotional climate, bioBehavioral reactivity, and disease activity. Additionally, we will present research on how this model has been substantiated in multiple populations both underserved and national samples. The discussant (Dr. Wood) will tie together the finds across the 8 papers (4 presentations), discuss the limitations of these studies, and present future directs for the application of the BioBehavioral Family Model.


1. Learn about the BioBehavioral Family Model, a theoretical model for families and health 2. Identify operationalized constructs which measure the components of the BBFM 3. Learn about empirical applications of the BBFM across multiple national and under-served populations.

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