From Cultural Competence to Third Order Change: Guidelines for Socioculturally Attuned Practice

Concurrent Sessions 8 (Family Therapy Legacy Scholar Workshop)

Carmen Knudson-Martin


8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Royal Palm 5 and 6
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  • Family Therapy

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Carmen Knudson-Martin

This workshop uses video clips to illustrate a socioculturally attuned approach that moves beyond individualistic, therapist-centered notions of cultural competence and integrates cultural sensitivity with issues of equity and power. It expands the systemic clinical lens to consider systems of systems (i.e., third order change) and takes a more relational, process-oriented orientation. Since there are currently few guidelines to help clinicians apply awareness of sociocultural issues, particularly while working through foundational family therapy theories, the workshop emphasizes the “how to,” bringing together larger issues of global and cultural equity with intimate family and relationship processes and the moment-by-moment of practice.


1. Participants will consider third-order change as transtheoretical lens through which to connect sociocultural intersections with clinical practice.2. Participants will identify the elements of a relational, process-oriented approach to cultural competence that integrates cultural sensitivity with attention to societal processes of power, privilege, and equity.3. Participants will be introduced to six clinical guidelines that promote socioculturally attuned practice.

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