033: Theorizing Social Capital and Human Economic Cost

Patrick Grayshaw; Shannon Weaver; Rachel Farina; Isaac J. Washburn; Todd Martin; Spencer James

3:00 PM
4:15 PM
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TCRM Paper Session 2 - (Conference Attendance Credit: #1 hr)

033-01: A Contextual Theory of Family Social Capital
Patrick Grayshaw

This working paper proposes a theory of family social capital with an ecological lens to view how families cultivate and use social capital within the family unit, between family units, and in interaction with the community. Elements of functionalism and ecological systems inform the research on social capital in this theory. This proposed theory seeks to explain the dynamic aspects of family systems through three levels of analysis. Family systems can generate social capital by the individuals within the system, other family systems, and community-level systems. This theory can assist structuring interventions based on specific parts of a family system.

033-02: Reconceptualizing Family Ritual Theory and Research to Include Examination of Human and Economic Costs
Shannon E. Weaver, Rachel Farina

The family rituals literature has predominantly focused on the ways in which these assist families. While acknowledging the benefits of rituals and occasionally mentioning problematic issues related to inclusion and intergenerational transmission, little discussion exists that explicitly examines the human and economic costs of these; many of which oppress and exploit certain families and family members more than others. In this paper we will: (1) discuss these influences upon family rituals through the lens of a critical feminist approach, (2) propose a model or framework that includes these important aspects as part of family ritual experiences, and (3) outline areas of needed research.

Discussants: Todd Martin, Spencer James

Moderator: Isaac Washburn

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