305: SPECIAL SESSION - Family Health, Resilience, and Functioning: A Conceptual Model of Family Flourishing

Erin Holmes; Jeremy B. Yorgason
8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Salon D
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Special Session
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  • Families & Health
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About the Session

Conference Attendance Hours: 1
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Made Possible by the Families and Health Section


Families respond in different ways to health challenges and crises that are often influenced by their health resources, abilities to accomplish certain tasks, and their flexibility and adaptability. As families develop strengths in these areas, the likelihood of flourishing increases. This session will first explore a conceptual model that presents the theoretical distinctions and interdependencies among constructs of family health, family resilience, and family functioning. Second, the session will explore empirical applications of the model in diverse populations of families, some of which occurred in context of the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Participants will better understand: A conceptual model that captures unique and overlapping elements of family health, family resilience, and family functioning.
  • Participants will better understand: Ways to promote family health through resources, flexibility, and adaptability.
  • Participants will better understand: How families develop strengths and flourish when faced with health challenges.


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