The Best U.S. States for Working Dads

NCFR Members Weigh in on Issues Facing Fathers Today

The identity of the U.S. dad has shifted a lot since the 1960s when 75% of families relied on single income from a working father, while a mother stayed home with the kids. According to the Pew Research Center, today's dads are less likely to be the sole breadwinner, are much more involved in parenting and child care, but struggle with balancing work and family.

A recent project by WalletHub set out to find which U.S. states provide the best environment for working fathers. All fifty states and the District of Columbia were ranked across 20 key indicators of friendliness toward working fathers. The data set includes information on the average length of work day for men, median family income, child care costs, men's relative health, and more.

WalletHub also convened a panel of experts to provide additional analysis on the biggest issues facing working dads, and how they can best balance career and family. NCFR members Kelly D. Chandler, Ph.D., and Gayle Kaufman, Ph.D. were among the invited contributors.


Source: WalletHub