Call for Nominations: Family Relations Editorial Board

Submit by Monday, March 15, 2021


Family Relations: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science (FR) — one of NCFR's scholarly journals — seeks nominations, including self-nominations, for its editorial board. This call for editorial board nominations is motivated by a recognition that FR's position as the premier journal of translational Family Science requires equitable attention to all families -- especially racial, ethnic, and gender minority families who are frequently marginalized. Fluid movement between the sciences of discovery and practice, the sine qua non of translational science, demands an editorial board with expertise and commitment to equity in the sciences of discovery and practice across the diverse array of contemporary families.  

To nominate someone other than yourself, please send an email to Lauren Eaton, the FR Editorial Assistant, with the nominee’s name, email address, and a brief statement (2-3 sentences) explaining how the nominated individual would add value to the FR Editorial Board. Ms. Eaton will contact the nominee, explain they have been nominated for the editorial board, and request the materials needed for full consideration. Self-nominations are also welcome. The materials required from any nominee are:

  1.  A 250-word statement explaining why you want to join the editorial board, what aspect or platform of diversity, inclusion, or equity your research incorporates in family science, and how you envision supporting the journal.  Evaluators will consider nominees’ commitment to the journal and its mission, the clarity and specificity of the nominees’ vision for her/his journal involvement, and the nominees’ ability to advance the journal, particularly as it relates to diversity, inclusion, and equity in family science.  
  2. Provide a current curriculum vitae.  
  3. Third, if you have not performed at least two reviews for Family Relations in the past year, please submit two blinded copies of reviews you have completed in the past three years.  Manuscript reviews are preferred, but other forms (e.g., book, curricula, program) are welcome.  Evaluators will consider the constructiveness of the review, the extent to which reviews are based on the science as opposed to the scientist or topic, and appreciation for diversity, inclusion, and equity. 

Send nomination packets, ideally assembled into a single PDF document in the order listed here, emailed to Lauren Eaton on or before 9 p.m. CST on Monday, March 15, 2021.

A diverse ad-hoc committee comprised of Drs. Cassandra Chaney, Jessica Fish, Francisco Palermo, and Samantha Tornello will review nominations.  The committee will notify every individual who submits a nomination packet whether they have been recommended for the Family Relations editorial board, and when necessary, a short explanation for non-recommendation. Dr. Wendy Middlemiss, the editor of Family Relations, will extend final invitations to new editorial board members based on journal needs.  

All editorial board members are expected to review, on average, six manuscripts per year and to serve as an ambassador for the journal by encouraging colleagues and students to submit relevant science to the journal.