Call for Papers: Journal of Family Theory & Review

Transformative Family Scholarship: Theory, Practice, and Research at the Intersection of Families, Race and Social Justice

Guest Editors:
Brad van Eeden-Moorefield, Ph.D., Montclair State University
Kristy Shih, Ph.D., California State University, Long Beach

Submission deadline extended to Aug. 20, 2021 

Journal of Family Theory & Review (JFTR) previously published a special issue on Social Justice in American Families. The current special issue continues that dialogue and emphasizes anti-racist and socially just scholarship as an inherently active process. It is also part of a collective set of special issues across each of NCFR’s journals. Specific to JFTR, we recognize the need to further theorize how the continued perpetuation of discrimination, violence, and/or use of excessive force impacts the everyday experiences and opportunities of families of color and many others who are part of minoritized groups. This theorization is particularly needed to understand how these families navigate such oppressions and identify ways to best promote their thriving. Below, we describe several types of manuscripts of particular interest, and we invite your submissions.


General Manuscript Submission Types

Conceptualization of Anti-Racist and Social Justice Constructs

These manuscripts seek to conceptualize anti-racist and social justice constructs (e.g., structural/systemic/institutional racism, intersectionality, social justice, equality vs equity, discrimination and prejudice, oppression, anti-racism, advocacy and activism, microaggressions and micro-affirmations, white supremacy and privilege) relevant to understanding family life. These should include a historical tracing of the development of the construct. Manuscripts should be approximately 10 written pages plus references.


Theoretical Application and Extension

These manuscripts place an existing theory, or part of a theory, in dialogue with anti-racism and social justice (e.g., how does a theory, theoretical assumptions, or axioms incorporate concepts of anti-racism and or social justice). These manuscripts should place the theory in the context of its paradigm(s). Conclusions should end with implications for further theoretical development and examples of how it could be used to guide research, practice/policy, and advocacy.


Of General Interest

Other general interest manuscripts that address theory and anti-racism and/or social justice including the development of new theories, integrative literature reviews, or meta-analyses on anti-racist and social justice issues related to families.

Unless specified above, manuscripts should not exceed 35 double-spaced pages including references and appendices. Please note in the cover letter that the manuscript is being submitted to the special issue “Transformative Family Scholarship: Theory, Practice, and Research at the Intersection of Families, Race and Social Justice”. For manuscript preparation guidelines and to submit a manuscript, go to‐jftr.


Please contact the guest co-editors with questions or to discuss submission ideas:

Brad van Eeden-Moorefield

Kristy Shih