Congratulations to NCFR's Honors Graduates for Spring 2020

NCFR awarded honors to 52 college and university students who completed their academic programs in spring 2020. Thank you to our members who reviewed applications!

NCFR Honors Student Recognition is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding achievements in academics, leadership, and community service in the discipline of Family Science.

Graduating soon? The deadline to apply for honors for summer 2020 graduates is June 1, 2020.

Spring 2020 Recipients

Brigham Young University
David Brent Allsop
Megan Christine Gale
McKell A. Jorgensen-Wells

California State University, Sacramento
April Jacek

Illinois State University
Nancy Mariana Alvarez-Torres
Miranda L. Bejda
Katarina E. Mraz
Rachel Rymer

Indiana State University
Haley Renee Hedden
Shantel Hickerson
Maleah D. Huser
Heather Andrea Scott

Messiah College
Kaitlyn M. Chemidlin
Erica Conard
Megan Defluri
Josiah Harmes
Kaitlin Jo Ponchione
Allison N. Schillinger
Melanie A. Siegle
Katherine Leigh Wagoner

Mississippi State University
Leah B. Pylate

Mississippi University for Women
Courtney Laine Reed

Northern Illinois University
Abby G. Baumbach
Jamye Hunter

Oklahoma Baptiste University
Micah Elizabeth Wakefield

Samford University
Elizabeth Autry
Kathryn A. Brown
Kristen Blair Kent
Trina Leary
Emma Paine
Abigail Plott

Southeast Missouri University
Jennifer L. Neal
Alexis L. Yancey

Texas Tech University
Connad Higgins
Jenna Moye
Austin Ross

Texas Woman's University
Heidi Hastings

Ohio State University
Anna Olsavsky

Pennsylavania State University
Kimberly D. Stout-Kramer

University of Central Oklahoma
Hailey Nicole McClain

University of Connecticut
Benton Mitchell Tarala

University of Delaware
Laura Cutler

University of Georgia
Katherine L. Crenshaw

University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Aran Garnett-Deakin

University of Wisconsin–Stout
Kayle Sue Fox

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Avery Campbell
Amy Morgan
Jessica Simpson

Weber State University
Steven Cardenaz
Kimberly Lorraine Leach
Tyler Martin

Winthrop University
Gabrielle Lidia Mirelez