Editorial Team Selected for Next Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research


An editorial team has been selected to lead the development of a new Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research, a reference book of theory and methods for family scholars and students. The current version of the book was published in 2005.

The editorial team — NCFR members Kari Adamsons, Ph.D., April Few-Demo, Ph.D., Christine Proulx, Ph.D, Kevin Roy, Ph.D., and Constance Shehan, Ph.D. — will work over the next several months to put together a book prospectus, gather information about potential publishers, and assemble an advisory board. The team plans to hold meetings at the 2017 NCFR Annual Conference in November for those who would like to learn more or provide feedback about the project.

Every 10 to 15 years, beginning several decades ago, family scholars have developed a sourcebook publication that takes stock of emerging theory and methods and summarizes and advances the state of science in the field. It is one of the foundational resources on theory and methods in the discipline of Family Science.