Family Science 5: Research & Researchers in the Media in July 2023

Welcome to the Family Science 5, helping you catch up on some of the Family Science research and researchers featured in the media during July 2023.

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  1. The Baltimore Sun published an op-ed by member Kevin M. Roy, Ph.D., about expanding the definition of masculinity for white, cisgender men, based on his nearly three decades studying masculinity, fatherhood, and families. Dr. Roy refers to the popular TV show Ted Lasso to help explore the question "What if we recognize there are many ways to be a good person who is a man?"(Read limited free articles from The Baltimore Sun.)

  2. The Hill featured recent research from NCFR's Journal of Marriage and Family (JMF), on parent–adult child estrangement, in which 26% of adult children respondents reported estrangement from fathers. The JMF article, "Parent–adult child estrangement in the United States by gender, race/ethnicity, and sexuality," also found 6% of respondents reported estrangement from mothers, and results "show heterogeneity by gender, race/ethnicity, and sexuality."

  3. Medical Xpress highlighted new research by member Joyce Y. Lee, Ph.D., et. al., in NCFR's Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science (FR), which suggests that in low-income families, parents' shared responsiveness can benefit their preschool children's developmental outcomes. The open-access FR article, "Shared parental responsiveness among fathers and mothers with low income and early child outcomes," suggested as a potential implication that interventions serving low-income families could promote child development by strengthening mother–father shared responsiveness.

  4. For the Psychology Today blog, Bella DePaulo, Ph.D., showcased four new articles on singlehood — including one authored by Dr. DePaulo — published in NCFR's Journal of Family Theory & Review (JFTR). See blog posts one, two, three, and four, addressing the following JFTR articles:

    1. "Single and flourishing: Transcending the deficit narratives of single life" (full access)

    2. "Singlehood during later life: Theoretical considerations for health and social relationships" by members Ashley E. Ermer, Ph.D., and Jaclyn Elisa Keenoy

    3. "Sex and single women in midlife: Theoretical perspectives, recent findings, and future directions" (open access)

    4. "Queering singlehood: Examining the intersection of sexuality and relationship status from a queer lens" by member Erin S. Lavender-Stott, Ph.D.

  5. A piece in The Conversation about services for an increasing number of children in Australia who have developmental difficulties referenced a JMF article from the journal's 2020 Decade in Review issue: "Work and Family in the Second Decade of the 21st Century," by NCFR Fellow Maureen Perry-Jenkins, Ph.D., et. al.