Feedback Sought on National Survey of Same-Gender Couples

Claire Kamp Dush

NCFR member Claire Kamp Dush, Ph.D., is seeking feedback on a first draft of the survey for a new population-representative study of U.S. families, with implications for Family Science. 

Dr. Kamp Dush is the primary investigator of The National Couples' Health and Time Study (NCHAT), the first U.S. population-representative study of cohabiting and married same-gender couples. The multi-method study will include survey, time diary, and biological (dried blood spot) data. Data will also be collected from couples of different genders, and an emphasis will be placed on recruiting racial and ethnic minorities in the sample. All data will eventually be publicly available through ICPSR.

Dr. Kamp Dush seeks input from fellow family researchers on the NCHAT survey, specifically: What should be cut? What should be kept? What questions are not being asked?

You can read more about why this feedback is important on Dr. Kamp Dush's blog. 

See the survey and give feedback here.