Inaugural Class of the NCFR Mentoring Academy Meets at NCFR 2019

2019 Mentoring Academy Class
Back row (L to R): Kylie Rymanowicz, Catherine Solheim, Jennifer Chapman, Joseph Grzywacz, Julie Leventhal, Dorothy Berglund, Fiorella Carlos Chavez, Michelle Toews, Jane Rose Njue, Xiaoran Sun. Front row (L to R): Veronica Barrios, Jessica Fish, Andrea Roach, Katie Barrow, Norma Burgess, Yan Ruth Xia

NCFR and its Students and New Professionals (SNP) leaders are excited to pilot the NCFR Mentoring Academy program, in which any NCFR member is eligible and invited to participate as either a mentor or a mentee.

The first class of mentors and mentees was notified by Sept. 15, and their one-year cycle as part of the pilot program began at the 2019 NCFR Annual Conference. Pairs will be in contact at least once per month during the year, working toward goals that support their professional development.

A session at the 2019 NCFR Annual Conference in Fort Worth marked the official beginning of the first year of the Mentoring Academy. During this session, the inaugural class of mentoring dyads was inducted, and these pairs had time to meet together and learn about the mentoring process. See more photos from this session.

Thank you to everyone who applied to the NCFR Mentoring Academy this year! The application period for the second year of the pilot program will begin in late spring 2020. Learn more about the Mentoring Academy.

Congratulations to all our mentors and mentees, many of which are pictured above.

2019-2020 Mentors

Wendy Middlemiss

Joe Grzywacz

Melissa Barnett

Brian Ogolsky

Michelle Toews

Julie Leventhal

Jeremy Yorgason

Norma Burgess

Yan Ruth Xia

Catherine Solheim

Veronica Barrios

Jane Rose Njue


2019-2020 Mentees

Kayla Reed-Fitzke

Fiorella Carlos Chavez

Jennifer Chapman

Emily Simpson

Nicole Conroy

Shannon Livezey

Ashley Ermer

Dorothy Berglund

Xiaoran Sun

Kylie Rymanowicz

Marta Benito Gomez

Janeal White