JFTR Publishes Special Issue on “Theorizing Singlehood”

Plus 11 Early-View Articles from NCFR Journals

The new September edition of JFTR contributes to family theory in an analysis of singlehood, from its foundation to conceptualization, to pathways, then finally across the life course.

Keep up with the latest research from the three scholarly NCFR journals — Journal of Marriage & Family (JMF), Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science (FR), and Journal of Family Theory & Review (JFTR) — all of which publish early-view articles online.

New Early-View Articles (September 3-16, 2023):

Family Relations

  1. Honey, let's have a date night! Actor and partner effects in crafting work–life balance (open access) — Romana Dreyer, Christine Busch

  2. Longitudinal trajectories of adult sibling relationship quality and psychological well-being: The effect of childhood maltreatment — Jooyoung Kong, Kristin J. Homan, Jaime Goldberg

  3. Young adults' perceptions of morality-based messages from parents about sex: An exploratory study — Pamela B. Payne, Sarah N. Mitchell, Cristina Lopez, Te'Airra DeCount, M. Rosie Shrout, Kristan N. Russell, Daniel J. Weigel, William P. Evans, Dana A. Weiser

  4. Does it pay to invest in your couple relationship? — Ya'arit Bokek-Cohen, Riki Halamish-Leshem

  5. Parental financial socialization, financial behaviors, and well-being among Hong Kong young adults amid COVID-19 — Muhammad Aamir Khan, Xiaomin Li, Ashley B. LeBaron-Black, Joyce Serido’

  6. Shouldering the burden: Intensive mothering and autism — Jacob W. Dembosky, D. Alex Heckert, Susan Boser, Joann M. Migyanka

Journal of Family Theory & Review

  1. Safety and security in family life: Experiences of involuntary dislocation — Arlene Vetere, Karen Shimwell

  2. Familial critical consciousness socialization: How key family theories can expand racial-ethnic socialization research among Asian American families — J. Abigail Saavedra, Ronae Matriano, Hyung Chol Yoo, Rebecca M. B. White

Journal of Marriage & Family

  1. Geographic relocation in response to parents' health shocks: Who moves and how close? — Adriana M. Reyes, Yongxin Shang

  2. Cherished families, unspoken truths: Navigating hidden and challenging family experiences while growing up with LGBTQ parents — Abbie E. Goldberg, Katherine R. Allen, Caroline Sanner

  3. The doubly disadvantaged: The motherhood penalty for internal migrants in China — Siyang Kong, Hao Dong


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