NCFR Members Encouraged to Vote in the February 2019 Elections

Kevin M. Roy, Ph.D., and Kimberly A. Updegraff, Ph.D., NCFR 2019 Elections Council Co-Chairs

The Elections Council encourages all members to vote in February 2019. We have submitted a nomination slate (ballots will be emailed to members in February 2019) for terms that will be filled at the end of the NCFR Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, in November 2019. The nominees are the following:


Board President-Elect (2019–2021)—Board President (2021–2023)

  • Norma J. Bond Burgess, Ph.D. - VS - Hilary A. Rose, Ph.D., CFLE


Board Member-at-Large (2019–2022)—(2 Positions)

  • Katherine A. Kuvalanka, Ph.D. - VS - Soyoung Lee, Ph.D., CFLE

  • Wm. Michael Fleming, Ph.D., CFLE - VS - Robert Reyes, Ph.D., CFLE


Affiliate Councils President-Elect (2019–2021)—Affiliate Councils President (2021–2023)

  • Joanne Roberts, Ph.D., CFLE (Running unopposed)


Students and New Professionals Board Representative-Elect (2019–2020)—Students and New Professionals Board Representative (2020–2022)

  • Jennifer L. Doty,  Ph.D., CFLE (Running unopposed)


Elections Council (2019–2022)—(2 Positions)

  • Jessica Fish, Ph.D. - VS - Jenifer K. McGuire, Ph.D.

  • Lindsay L. Edwards, Ph.D., LMFT - VS - Lorey Wheeler, Ph.D.


Fellows Committee (2019–2022)—(2 Positions)

  • Francesca Adler-Baeder, Ph.D., CFLE - VS - Jennifer Hardesty, Ph.D., CFLE

  • Robert Hughes, Jr., Ph.D. - VS - Maureen Perry-Jenkins, Ph.D.


Inclusion and Diversity Committee Member-at-Large (2019–2022)—(2 Positions)

  • Adrienne M. Duke, Ph.D. - VS - Shuntay Z. Tarver (McCoy), Ph.D.

  • Lover LM Chancler, Ph.D. - VS - Jocelyn R. Smith Lee, Ph.D.


Inclusion and Diversity Committee Students and New Professionals Representative (2019–2021)

  • Shawn N. Mendez, Ph.D. - VS - Jasmine Routon, M.A.