New NCFR Research: Theorizing Singlehood, Parenting Behaviors, and More

Keep up with the latest research from NCFR scholarly journals! All three — Journal of Marriage & Family (JMF), Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science (FR), and Journal of Family Theory & Review (JFTR) — publish early-view articles online. 

Additionally, the August issue of JMF features new scholarship on attitudes and behaviors towards fertility, marital decisions, and the structural impact of race and racism on families.

New early-view articles (August 6 –19):

Journal of Family Theory & Review

  1. Voluntary and involuntary singlehood: Salience of concepts from four theories — Jacki Fitzpatrick
  2. Invited Review: Kaleidoscopic perspectives on theorizing singlehood Erin S. Lavender-Stott, Karen Benjamin Guzzo, Susan L. Brown, Wendy D. Manning
  3. Post-traumatic stress symptoms and parenting in military families: A systematic integrative review— Aditi Gupta, Abigail H. Gewirtz, Lynn M. Borden
  4. Parental support is not enough: How parental socialization theories can advance LGBTQ+ youth family research, practice, and health — Jessica N. Fish, Pond Ezra

Family Relations

  1. Mothers' work-to-family conflict, depressive symptoms, and parental role functioning: A five-wave, cross-lagged panel model from infancy through middle childhood — Hongjian Cao, Nan Zhou, Cheryl Buehler, Xiaomin Li, Yue Liang, Yu Chen
  2. The impact of specific program components on romantic relationship satisfaction — Jeremy B. Kanter, Daniel G. Lannin, Jessica McCaig, Susan Sprecher, Amy J. Rauer, Ani Yazedjian
  3. A focus on fathers with intellectual disabilities and child protection — Katarzyna Ćwirynkało, Monika Parchomiuk
  4. Caregiver perceptions and experiences surrounding employment of their adult-aged children on the autism spectrum — Kaitlyn P. Wilson, Christina Marsack-Topolewski, Dionne Smith, Gregory Knollman

Journal of Marriage and Family

  1. Stability and change in predictors of marital dissolution in the US 1950–2017 — Michael J. Rosenfeld, Katharina Roesler
  2. Associations between parental precarious work schedules and child behavior problems among low-income families (open access) — Anna K. Walther, Alejandra Ros Pilarz


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