Notable NCFR Journal Articles from Summer 2022

NCFR's 3 scholarly journals published early-view articles this spring and summer supporting matters of race, fatherhood, intimate partner violence, gender, and how they intersect with Family Science.

*Indicates Open Access

Journal of Family Theory & Review

The return of race science and why it matters for family science*
Linda M. Chatters, Robert Joseph Taylor, Amy J. Schulz
First published: 09 August 2022 |

Using critical family theorizing and intersectional feminist praxis to navigate reflexive conversations on race and power in academic settings*
Jody M. Russon, Katherine R. Allen, April L. Few-Demo, Jenene Case Pease
First published: 27 July 2022 |

Family theorizing for social justice: A critical praxis*
Katherine R. Allen, Angela C. Henderson
First published: 14 March 2022 |

Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science

Hearing from First Nations Dads: Qualitative yarns informing service planning and practice in urban Australia*
Anton Clifford-Motopi, Ike Fisher, Sue Kildea, Sophie Hickey, Yvette Roe, Sue Kruske
First published: 15 July 2022 |

“I feel erased:” A qualitative analysis of grandparent experiences of parental alienation*
Hila Avieli, Inna Levy
First published: 24 May 2022 |

Journal of Marriage and Family

“Normal” childhood in the lives of financially struggling white daughters and mothers*
Annaliese Grant
First published: 15 July 2022 |

When the last child moves out: Continuity and convergence in spouses' housework time*
Florian Schulz, Marcel Raab
First published: 18 July 2022 |

An increasing disinterest in fatherhood among childless men in the United States: A brief report
Robert Bozick
First published: 30 July 2022 |

The intergenerational transmission of gender: Paternal influences on children's gender attitudes*
Tomás Cano, Heather Hofmeister
First published: 25 June 2022 |

Young-age exposure to armed conflict and women's experiences of intimate partner violence*
Orsola Torrisi
First published: 03 August 2022 |

Beyond role strain: Work–family sacrifice among underrepresented minority faculty*
Ruth Enid Zambrana, Cecily R. Hardaway, Leah C. Neubauer
First published: 29 June 2022 |

“You're biracial but…”: Multiracial socialization discourse among mommy bloggers with Black and non-Black multiracial children*
Chandra V. Reyna
First published: 30 June 2022 |


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