Update on NCFR's Student Access Grant


Thanks to our generous Student Access Grant donors, over $6,000 has been raised this year to fund NCFR conference registration fees, a travel stipend, and one year of NCFR membership for students from historically marginalized racial communities.

Thanks to these donations, enough has been raised for over 7 grants to Students of Color.

Our goal of raising $8,000 to provide grants to 10 students is within reach! NCFR members can make this possible.

Time to support this important initiative is running out. Please make your donation to the Student Access Grant by Friday, Sept. 15.

Here are stories from just a few of the grant recipients from 2020-2021, for whom the grant has made a huge difference in kick starting their careers:

Student Access Grant
Left to right: LaRen Morton, Matt Rodriguez, Cecelia Samuels, Teece Berry

As a member of NCFR I have been provided with professional development and mentorship opportunities that have helped me throughout my time as a doctoral student which I will carry with me into my future career.
LaRen Morton

Being a member of NCFR provides me with opportunities to network with other family scientists who share a similar passion to make a difference in this world. I also receive important communications through the NCFR Zippy News. Also, being able to present at conferences allows me to practice my research skills and gain feedback from my peers.
Matt Rodriguez

In the past two years I have been privileged to receive the NCFR grant which has fostered even deeper appreciation for [Family Science] thanks to increased access to [NCFR's] journals and vast learnings garnered at the conferences. I am grateful that, having been awarded the NCFR grant, I was able to be armed with not just theoretical knowledge but statistical and visual tools which could be used contribute to the [family] field.
Cecelia Samuels

As a member of NCFR, I have been offered opportunities for connection, networking, and getting to know other Family Science professionals that I would not have received otherwise. NCFR's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has also provided me with opportunities for unique insight into the experiences of those different than me.
Teece Berry

I have gained several valuable professional development experiences by being a member of NCFR! In addition to attending the 2021 annual conference, I participated in the CV review, am part of the mentoring program, and became a fully Certified Family Life Educator in January 2022.
Sakina Toyah Sackaloo Dixon (not pictured)

Thank you to all who have contributed this year to help maintain NCFR's commitment to addressing systemic racism and opening doors where racial and ethnic barriers exist.

Please give a donation to the Student Access Grant by Friday, Sept. 15.