How can I help educate employers as to the value of CFLE certification?

Upon getting hired, my school did not know much about my HDFS degree or my FLE certification. I took it upon myself to truly explain what my schooling was, and how I could apply family life education. ... They recently hired a new school counselor that has the same BA as myself. ... Now my school has two of us! It is our responsibility as CFLE's to get the news out of how valuable we are and how much we have to offer!

- Sheena A. Wedge, CFLE

I was hired by a private foster care agency in the Philadelphia area in 2004. After working two years in the field I transitioned to doing resource family profiles with a title of Family Development Specialist. A professor invited me back to talk to HDFS students and encouraged me to get the CFLE. ... I took my new certification to the HR department and was awarded a substantial base pay raise (as it required ongoing training). We may need to find positions that currently exist in the community and work from the inside out proving the credential so new generations of CFLE's can build from a solid foundation we left behind.

- Jason Lehman, MA, CFLE, NCC

I recently was tasked with writing my job description ... and I took the opportunity to add Family Studies and the CFLE in the appropriate requirements preferred/accepted/required places. ... It's a small thing that means a lot to me and, as an accepted professional organization, this change will be seen by funders, on grant applications, in job ads, etc.

- Lisa T Osborne, MS, CFLE

I had the opportunity to design and start a new program in the agency I work and I called that program Family Life Education. ... Other staff members at the agency sometimes refer to this new program as Family Literacy or Family Education Classes but I always clarify that the name is Family Life Education program. The agency did not know much about NCFR or CFLE but now they know.

- Miguel Brambila, MS, CFLE-Provisional