Nurturing Happiness and Mindfulness

The theme for the 2021 NCFR Annual Conference is "The Science of Families: Nurturing Hope, Happiness, & Health." In her development of this theme, Conference Program Chair Tammy L. Henderson, Ph.D., CFLE, began curating resources around the areas of happiness and mindfulness. NCFR staff will continue to add additional resources to this collection.

We are living in a time of unprecedented global uncertainty and it may be harder than ever to fight feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety. Finding ways to nurture our happiness and practice mindfulness are more important than ever.

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Continuing Education

Scholarly Articles

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Additional Articles


  • Beyond Conflict — this nonprofit puts experience, brain, and behavioral science to work for peace, reconciliation, and positive social change in the U.S. and abroad. See their list of documents for the press.
  • Greater Good Magazine — explores keys to well-being including happiness and mindfulness through stories, videos, podcasts, quizzes, and more. Published by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Mindfulness Breaks — a weekly 15-minute guided session hosted by ZERO TO THREE
  • Resilience Resources — Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health



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