Dawn Cassidy CFLE Special Recognition Award

2023 Recipient

Dawn Cassidy, M.Ed., CFLE

Each year, the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) recognizes a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) who has demonstrated exceptional effort in promoting, supporting, or improving the CFLE credential or program. The recipient is recognized at the CFLE Reception at the NCFR conference as well as in the CFLE Network newsletter.

Nominees may submit their own name or be nominated by others.

The deadline for 2024 nominations is Sept. 1, 2024.

Nomination/Application Process

  • Complete the application form (PDF)
  • With the application form, please provide the following:
    • a statement of impact (maximum 500 words) describing the nominee's contributions to advancing the CFLE credential and why they are deserving of this award. Details for the statement are on the application form.
    • an abbreviated vita or résu for the nominee (maximum three pages) highlighting contributions to the CFLE credential.
    • Letter of support - Applicants must provide a letter of support that describes the nominee's contribution to advancing the CFLE credential.

Nominee Criteria

  • be a current Certified Family Life Educator (up to date with all CFLE fees and requirements);
  • current member of the National Council on Family Relations (preferred, but not required); 
  • have held active CFLE status (provisional, full, retired, or emeritus) for at least five continuous years; and
  • have demonstrated a contribution to the CFLE program through specific CFLE-related activities or events, including committee involvement, advocacy, marketing and outreach, and/or development of CFLE-related publications or resources that promote the CFLE credential.

Again, the deadline for 2024 nominations for this year is Sept. 1, 2024.