Directions: CFLE Application Process Moving Online

Dawn Cassidy, M.Ed., CFLE, Director of Family Life Education
/ CFLE Network, Spring 2019


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Beginning this spring, all processes for obtaining and maintaining the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credential will be online. The new process will be integrated with the NCFR database, which will provide benefits to CFLEs and CFLE applicants, streamline internal processing, and reduce the need for onsite record storage

The current CFLE standards and criteria will not be impacted; only the way in which applications are processed has changed. The online process will be used by first-time applicants as well as for provisional CFLEs wanting to upgrade to full status, and by CFLEs with full status who need to submit continuing education credits every five years in order to renew the credential.

The online process will enable NCFR to have a more comprehensive set of information stored in one place which will provide CFLEs with better access to their information and will reduce inconsistency in records. There are other benefits to the online process:

Benefits and features of the CFLE online application process for upgrade, recertification, and new applications

  • The online application process is tailored to the applicant. The system will direct the CFLE applicant/designate to the next logical step in the process based on information already entered i.e. someone applying for provisional status will not have access to any of the steps needed to document work experience since that information is not needed until they are ready to apply for full status.
  • CFLE applicant/designates will have the option of starting an application, saving the information, logging out, and coming back to complete it later.
  • Items such as contact information, education, and other information previously given to NCFR will automatically fill in on the form so an applicant can save time by not having to duplicate information.
  • The application processes will build off each other rather than requiring new applications to be completed at various stages. For example, A CFLE recertifying at the five-year mark will not need to complete a new application form. Rather, they can review their profile and update as needed, and then move on to providing information about their continuing education activities.
  • CFLE applicant/designates will be sent emails at each step of the application process so they will always be aware of the status of their application. Additionally, they can check the status of their application at any time by logging in to
  • The online process will be more secure. Applicants will pay online when submitting their application. This will be a more secure way to pay than providing credit card information on a paper form.
  • CFLEs with full status can submit information about their continuing education activity as it is being earned. The system will keep track of the number of continuing education hours entered so that they will know when they have reached the required 100 hours. While CFLEs can earn and record credits at any time in the five-year period, they will be prompted to submit the application in the fifth year when the recertification is due.

Most current CFLEs won’t have reason to experience the online process until they are due to upgrade or renew their credential. There may be a few growing pains as we all get used to this new system, but we are confident that this change will result in a more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly experience! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.