Human Development and Family Studies (B.S.)

Department of Human Development & Family Studies

The Human Development and Family Studies (HD FS) major provides a foundation for students interested in working in a wide range of human services with many different groups of people — from infants to the elderly — and with many different kinds of families. It prepares students to become leaders in human services, developing new models to prevent and treat social and mental health problems, and becoming advocates for new social policies and programs.

An HD FS major is also excellent preparation for graduate and professional education in many different fields, and for a research career in developmental and family studies and prevention science. Students who major in HD FS learn about the human life span from conception to old age. They learn about development and families from a multi-dimensional point of view that incorporates biology, psychology, and sociology. This integrative approach helps students learn how to promote healthy development, how to understand real life problems, and how to implement types of interventions suited for use in diverse contexts. The degree is designed so that a student may choose development and other departmental supporting courses, including the required final semester internship, to prepare for work with a preferred clientele. In addition, the courses taken to fill general education requirements may also be selected to support the student’s career goals.

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Child/Human Development and Family Science/Studies
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