Fundamentals of Probability and Correlation

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August 26, 2021 11:00am - 12:30pm
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Isaac J. Washburn
Presenter: Isaac Washburn, Ph.D.

Conducting probabilities is the foundation of a majority of statistical methods while correlations are often taught as an introduction to statistics. These two techniques form a foundation for understanding data and can be built upon with additional statistical methods. They are particularly useful in Family Science as probabilities help one understand how likely it would be for something to happen while correlations provide insight to the directional changes between two variables. However, researchers may forget about the benefits of using such techniques and/or misinterpret the results. 

This webinar serves as an introduction or a refresher to probability and correlations. Specifically, attendees will gain a stronger understanding of the benefits and limitations of these techniques when used to answer research questions. This webinar will cover when and how to use probabilities and correlations to answer research questions, how to interpret results, and how to run correlations properly in a statistical software (e.g., STATA, SPSS, and MPLUS). This webinar is a great way to build confidence in understanding probabilities and correlations and enhance existing skills.

Attendees will be provided handouts prior to the webinar for use during and after the webinar. Attendees will also be able to practice the skills being taught during the webinar

Overall, attendees will leave this webinar with the ability to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of probabilities and limitations of running correlations
  • Understand the differences between frequentist and Bayesian statistics
  • Run probabilities and correlations
  • Interpret the results of a correlation and probability

Approved for 1.5 hours of CFLE continuing education credit.

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This webinar is part of the multi-year NCFR series Quantitative Methods: Learning and Practicing Beginner to Advanced Skills

Future webinars in this series on advanced statistical methods will build on the skill learned in this webinar. Webinars from this series are great for individual use and as supplemental materials in research methods and statistics classes.


About the Presenter

Isaac Washburn, Ph.D., is an associate professor/research methodologist in the Department of Human Development and Family Science at Oklahoma State University. He received his Ph.D. from Oregon State University with an emphasis in quantitative methods under Dr. Alan Acock, a fellow of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) and past editor of the Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research. In addition to regularly teaching classes in advanced statistical modeling and methods, Dr. Washburn has been working on federally funded grants for over fifteen years and serves as part of a biostatistics group for the federally funded Center for Integrative Research on Childhood Adversity. Dr. Washburn is also the co-chair of the Statistics Network at Oklahoma State University for which he has regularly taught workshops on a variety of methods such as structural equation model (SEM), working with missing data, and survival analysis. Dr. Washburn will be the Chair-Elect of the Research and Theory selection of NCFR beginning November 2021 and will serve as chair from November 2023 to November 2025. He will co-chair (for the second time, first time in 2017) the day and half pre-conference workshop on Theory Construction and Research Methods at the 2022 annual conference for NCFR. His personal research looks at family and social predictors of adolescent risky behaviors and evaluating possible prevention strategies.

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