Promoting Racial Equity Through Racial Healing

Postponed to Feb. 4 (originally Jan. 20)
February 4, 2021 1:00pm - 2:30pm
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Ebonyse Mead, Ed.D., CFLE
Presenter Dr. Ebonyse Mead

Since the inception of the United States, structural racism and White supremacy has been deeply entrenched in our country. We have all been victimized and socialized in a racist society and the need to heal is imminent.

Since we have all been socialized in a racist society and have internalized racial attitudes that impact our behaviors and interactions, this webinar will provide skills on how to promote open discussions about racial tensions through racial healing. Specifically, Presenter Ebonyse Mead, Ed.D., CFLE, will discuss internalized racial superiority and racial oppression, along with how past crimes against humanity currently influence our behaviors and attitudes. Strategies will be provided on how to heal from racial trauma and how to use that information when working with families.

Overall, attendees will leave this webinar with the ability to:

  • Define key terms including cultural mistrust, historical trauma, multigenerational trauma and trauma healing
  • Discuss the four phases of racial healing
  • Identify and apply strategies to heal from racial trauma

This webinar is intended for anyone studying and working in the family field from students to seasoned professionals. By practicing racial healing, we are forced to acknowledge our country's history of racism, White supremacy, and the legacies of racial discrimination and injustices that too often harm children, families, and communities. It is a process that facilitates trust and builds an authentic relationships between real and perceived differences. Thus, it is incumbent upon the Family Science discipline to adequately address racial inequities, promote racial healing, and build a socially just future.

Approved for 1.5 hours of CFLE continuing education credit.


Please note this webinar was postponed to Feb. 4 from Jan. 20.

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About the Presenter

Ebonyse Mead, Ed.D., CFLE, is a clinical instructor at Georgia Southern in the Birth to Kindergarten program and president of the Educational Equity Institute. Since 2016, Dr. Mead has worked to build a culturally responsive and equity-minded early childhood workforce. She has presented nationally on racial equity in early childhood addressing structural barriers to educational equity, implicit bias, racial healing, and culturally responsive instruction. Dr. Mead has published articles on implicit bias and preschool suspensions and culturally responsive family engagement in both early childhood and family science publications. As president of the Educational Equity Institute, Dr. Mead is committed to creating brave spaces to discuss structural racism and promote equitable and just programs in early childhood.

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