April L. Few-Demo Elected to NCFR Board of Directors

April Few-Demo


MINNEAPOLIS ­— The  National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) membership has elected April L. Few-Demo, Ph.D., as a new Board Member-at-Large on the NCFR Board of Directors. Dr. Few-Demo is currently associate professor in the department of human development at Virginia Tech.

A member of NCFR since 1995, Dr. Few-Demo has been an Elections Council co-chair, the Student/New Professional Board Representative, Ethnic Minorities Section Treasurer and Secretary, and a member of several other NCFR sections. She also has served on the NCFR Diversity Task Force, NCFR Honor Student Recognition Committee, Qualitative Research Network advisory board member, and NCFR Family Relations Editor Search Committee.

“If I have the opportunity to serve on the Board, I would advocate for the following in order to cultivate a premier family organization that boldly capitalizes on its expertise in both family science and practice: (1) to develop and refine a transparent process for better communication among our multiple sections, focus groups, affiliates, and the Board; (2) to position NCFR more visibly in both public and global policy arenas; and (3) to devise strategies that encourage active member participation in the decision-making process of organizational priority-setting and messaging to the public.”

Dr. Few-Demo and the other newly elected board members will assume their roles at the 2017 Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, planned for Nov. 15 – 18.

The National Council on Family Relations is the premier professional association for the multidisciplinary understanding of families. NCFR has a membership of nearly 3,000 family researchers, practitioners and educators. For more information on NCFR or its scholarly publications, contact NCFR at 1-888-781-9331 or visit its website at www.ncfr.org.