Affiliate Councils Directory

Affiliate councils with their own websites are linked in orange. Email addresses are connected to the names of presidents and advisers linked in orange.

State/Regional Affiliate Councils

Illinois Council on Family Relations

President: Mikki Sherwood
Discussion Group for members


Mid-Atlantic (DE, MD, PA)

President: Raeann Hamon
Facebook page
Discussion Group for members


Mid-Central Council on Family Relations (KS, MO)

President: Sarah Kuborn


Northwest (AB, AK, BC, ID, MT, OR, WA)

President: Silvia Bartolic
Facebook page
Discussion Group for members



President: Audrey Kraynak
Facebook page
Discussion Group for members



President: Salena King Coughlan
Facebook page
Discussion Group for members


Rocky Mountain  (AZ, CO, NM, WY)

President: Ruben Anguiano


Southeastern (AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN)

President: Jennifer Zorotovich
Facebook page
Discussion Group for members



President: Jennifer Cantu
Facebook page
Discussion Group for members



President: Kaicee Postler
Discussion Group for members



President: Marissa Heim
Facebook page
Discussion Group for members


Student Affiliates

Central Michigan University

Adviser: Jeff Angera


East Carolina University

Adviser: Helyne Frederick
Facebook page


Illinois State University

Adviser: Tammy Harpel
Facebook page


Iowa State University

Adviser:  Tricia Neppl


Messiah University

Adviser: Raeann Hamon


Mississippi State University

Adviser: Ben Burke, Mary Robertson


Mississippi University for Women (The W's Council on Family Relations)

Adviser: Cecilia Brooks


Montclair State University

Adviser: Lyndal Khaw
Facebook page


Northen Illinois

Adviser: D. Scott Sibley


Samford University

Adviser: Celeste Hill
Facebook page


Stephen F. Austin State University (Jacks Council)

Adviser: Jennifer Cantu
Facebook group


Texas Tech University

Advisers: Shera Jackson, Phuong Le 


University of Central Oklahoma

Advisers: Kristin Hommel-Miller


University of Connecticut Council 

Adviser: Raymond Moody


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Adviser: Jeanne Kramer
Facebook page


University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Adviser: Lionel Asare


University of Middle Tennessee State

Adviser: Rebecca Oldham


University of Missouri

Adviser: Sarah Killoren


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

President: Ashlyn Neppl


University of Nebraska-Kearney

Adviser: Chance Bell


University of Southern Mississippi

Adviser: Mya Rome , Kevin Stott


University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Adviser: Cuiting Li


Weber State University

Adviser: C. Ryan Dunn
Facebook group