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Poster Session


  • 147-04 IN: Literary portrayals: Adoptive families' causal attribution for adopting Presented by: Erin Kostina-Ritchey, Jacki Fitzpatrick


  • 147-05 FT: Capabilities, Opportunities, and Freedoms: An Intervention With Homeless Mothers Presented by: Gizem Erdem, Michael Glassman, Natasha Slesnick


  • 147-06 RT: Social Comparisons on Social Networking Sites Predict Maternal Well-being Presented by: Sarah Coyne, Brandon McDaniel
  • 147-07 RT: DEFINITE or AMBIVALENT? FIRST BIRTH INTENTIONS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING Presented by: Stacy Tiemeyer, Julia McQuillan, Arthur Greil


  • 147-08 FH: Parental Behaviors, Romantic Attachment, and Depression in Emerging Adults Presented by: Alexander Reid, Scott Plunkett, Mark Otten
  • 147-09 EE: Parents As Teachers: Links Between Home Literacy and Children's Vocabulary Presented by: Kathryn Bojczyk, Heather Haverback, Annie Davis, Rihana Mason, Hye Pae
  • 147-10 EM: Fathering Across Two Generations: An African American Perspective Presented by: Felicia Murray, Shann Hwa Hwang
  • 147-11 EM: What's Love Got to Do with It? : Fostering Romance to Maintain Father Involvement Presented by: Constance Dallas, Patrick McMahon, Claire Seryak, Barbara Dancy, Jamela Jefferson
  • 147-12 EM: "It's Kind of a Touchy Subject": Educators' and Parents' Perceptions of the Impact of Race on Transitioning into Kindergarten Presented by: Jenell Kelly
  • 147-13 FH: The Effect of Harsh and Positive Parenting Behaviors on Pubertal Development Presented by: Meghan Gillette, Tricia Neppl, Brenda Lohman
  • 147-14 FP: The Impact of Family Structure, Mobility, and Employment on Children's Well-being Presented by: Lynda Laughlin
  • 147-15 FT: Experiences of High Conflict Co-parents in Early Sessions of Family Therapy Presented by: Kevin Hynes, M. Selenga Gürmen, Shayne Anderson, Rachel Tambling
  • 147-16 FT: Predictors of Parental Approval of Adult Children's Engagement Relationships Presented by: jeffry larson, marietta malnar, dean busby, erin rackham, garret roundy
  • 147-17 IN: The Effects of Stress from Private Education on Conflicts over Parental Roles among South Korean Mothers with Adolescent Children Presented by: Juhee Park
  • 147-18 RF: Training up a Child: Amish Parenting Advice in the 1970's and 2000's Presented by: Erin Boyd-Soisson, Nicole Nagel


  • 147-19 EE: Parenting Together: Co-parenting Education for Never Married Parents Presented by: Heidi Stolz, Emily Stone, Kayla Sizemore
  • 147-20 EE: Coparental Cooperation and Conflict Following Divorce Presented by: Raymond Petren, Anthony Ferraro, Kay Pasley, Taylor Davis, Megan Fry


  • 147-21 EE: Residential Mobility After Divorce: Implications for Divorce Education Presented by: Tyler Jamison, David Schramm, Adam Galovan
  • 147-22 FF: Maintaining relationships with former stepgrandchildren following remarriage dissolution Presented by: Caroline Sanner, Marilyn Coleman
  • 147-23 FH: Children's Depression Change Over Time During the Process of Parents' Divorce Presented by: Yoon Young Kwak, Sharon Christ
  • 147-24 FP: The Stress Process of Divorce for Fathers Presented by: Anthony Ferraro, Kay Pasley
  • 147-25 FP: Multi-Systemic Constraints to Help Seeking Prior to Finalizing a Divorce Presented by: Kelly Roberts


  • 147-26 EM: (ADDED THIRD AUTHOR) Family Relationships and Depression Among African American Stepfathers Presented by: Megan R Hicks, Chalandra M Bryant, Ted Futris


  • 147-27 EM: Black Grandmothers Role in Racially Socializing Their Biracial Grandchildren Presented by: Lover LM Chancler, Farrell J Webb, Walter Schumm, Charlotte Olsen, Be Stoney
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