NCFR Report: Understanding Gun Violence from a Family Perspective

Winter 2018

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Family Focus: Understanding Gun Violence from a Family Perspective

Gun violence has strong implications for families, yet discourse is complicated by the different meanings people hold for guns. The authors of this collection explore ways to respond as family scholars and practitioners, including direct interactions with individuals and families, improved training of professionals, and public policy advocacy.

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News Articles and Member Group Updates

The following news articles and updates below from our winter 2018 issue are open to the public. 

  • Wendy Middlemiss Named Next Editor of NCFR’s Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science
  • Get Involved in the Leadership of Your Organization!
  • President's Report: Sustaining Our Passion for Community When Life Speeds Up— Anisa M. Zvonkovic, Ph.D., NCFR President
  • Executive Review: The Delicate Balancing Act of Conference Financial Planning — Diane Cushman, NCFR Executive Director
  • Directions: Expanding NCFR’s Webinar program—Claire Kimberly Hired as Webinar Coordinator — Dawn Cassidy, M.Ed., CFLE, Director of Family Life Education
  • Family Science Report: Creating Effective Family Policies Begins With Involving the Families Most Impacted — Jennifer Crosswhite, Ph.D., CFLE, Director of Research and Policy Education
  • NCFR Focus Groups Connect With People Who Share Your Interests!
  • Families and Health Section Update — Jerica Berge, Ph.D., M.P.H., LMFT, CFLE
  • International Section Update Mihaela Robila, PhD., CFLE
  • Family Policy Section Update — Anne Farrell, Ph.D.; Morgan Cooley, Ph.D., LCSW; Erica Jordan, Ph.D., CFLE; Anthony Ferraro, Ph.D., CFLE
  • Announcing the 2019 Conference of the Texas Council on Family Relations
  • Announcing the 2019 Conference of the Southeastern Council on Family Relations
  • 2018 NCFR Award Recipients
  • 2019 Annual Conference Preview

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